My name is Jorge and I'm 23, I worked in a comics headquarter where we were making a new comic. This were our first comic so we were very giving our best, however one day this douche who was jealous of my artistic skills spilled coffee on our boss's laptop which stored a lot of valuable drawings and story ideas. The douche blamed it on me since I liked to pull pranks.. I got fired. That pissed me off.I was walking down the street in sheer rage when I spotted a trash can and I kicked it with all my strength to see a video game case fly out. Out of curiosity I check that video game. It was Sonic Color for the Wii, I wasn't really a big sonic fan and the only sonic games that I played and liked was Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, and 3&K when I was young. I took it with me to see if it was any good.

When I got home I first went on my laptop and checked some reviews on this game, many people said this was the best sonic game and this was a good game. To take off my mind off of the issue of being fired I put the game in my Wii which I barely use. The game started and saw the opening of the game, it was very beautiful and the song that played was very good. Then I was greeted with the start menu. I began a save file and started. I skipped the cut scene and began playing, I walked forward to get used to the controls. After getting the controls figured I moved along the stage "Tropical Resort" and came to a stop because there was a "?" sphere, a button and finally a pit. I went over the "?" sphere and sonic said to not step on the button but instead jump off because there was a platform with goodies down there.

I threw myself off and went down to only die and lost a life. That annoyed me a bit, a game telling me a way to kill myself. I passed a checkpoint before dying, when I came back to the spot I jumped on the button and a platform pushed out above the pit. I continued on with the game.When I reached the boss of "Sweet Mountain" a cut scene played where Dr. Eggman was going to set up the boss where sonic quickly jumped and hit Dr. Eggman's machine where it crashed into the floor. Dr. Eggman got up and ran from sonic but sonic was too fast and caught up to Dr. Eggman. Sonic jumped and home attacked Dr. Eggman and the screen faded to black. The screen came back to the cut scene after 10 seconds, Dr. Eggman dropped dead in a cartoony way and sonic began to play a eerie tune on a piano. I skipped the cut scene because it felt weird. I beat the boss who was quite easy, saved and turned the game off, I went to my laptop again and went on youtube to check the cut scene that plays at the "Sweet Mountain" boss fight. The cut scene that played on my Sonic Color wasn't the one that I saw on youtube. I was guessing it was a glitch, hack or a bootleg version. I went to sleep to play tomorrow to see anything new.

The next day I did my morning routine and went to check the Sonic Colors game. I turned it on and continued off my save file. I was in "Starlight Carnival" act 2 when I got to a point with a "?" sphere and a rocket wisp. Sonic again came up and said to use the rocket here to get up to a special place with a "Red Star Ring". I knew I shouldn't follow his advice but I wanted to know what was a Red Star Ring, so I used the rocket to go up to a ceiling with spikes on the bottom which damaged me and took all my rings.. I was pissed off, why was sonic giving misleading advice was beyond me but I wanted to know what happened to Dr. Eggman. I continued the game to lose lives, earn lives, complete stages and getting misleading advices from sonic which I didn't pay attention.

I got to the "Aquarium Park" boss when a cut scene played where sonic gave a present to tails, tails opened it to find a bomb and the screen faded to black. After another 10 seconds the screen came back and showed tails on the floor with cartoony blackness on his corpse and yet again sonic was playing a eerie tune on the same piano. I skipped again and paused it, I turned on my laptop and went to youtube to see what cut scene was supposed to play. Yet again the copy of the game I have had a different cut scene. I was a bit scared but also curious so I went forth.

I managed to get to the "Terminal Velocity" boss, I went forth to defeat it. It was quickly to find out it's attack pattern, but something struck me odd. Every time I hit the machine the camera zooms into the inside to see who is piloting it. I saw a EggRobo from Sonic the Hedgehog 3&K piloting the machine. Did Dr. Eggman died from the encounter in "Sweet Mountain"? I beat the final boss and fireworks went off and a sonic silhouette made of fireworks was laughing. Then the credits rolled, I gotta say that music that played was very heart warming. This took my mind off of the many weird occurrences, however the most weirdest happened at the end of the credits. Sonic went to the left of the screen, I couldn't control him anymore even thought I could before. Sonic came out dragging Tails and Dr. Eggman to the screen.

That black, familiar piano dropped to the ground and sonic yet again played that eerie tune on the piano. I couldn't skip, so I went to the bathroom to not hear the eerie tune. When I came out of the bathroom the game was on the stage selection screen. I took the game out of my Wii and placed it back in it's cover and threw it out.

In conclusion, what happened was very strange but it didn't stopped me from playing games. I'm still trying to find a new job but I play games to avoid being in a depression. I brought games for the Wii that has good review scores like Xenoblades Chronicles, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I brought a new Sonic Colors from GameStop to see the differences between the possibly bootleg version I had. There were no misleading advices from Sonic, no piano and Tails & Dr. Eggman were back.

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