16 years ago my father and I spent our free time playing multiple games, the most was Body Harvest. Body Harvest was an extremely under rated game made by future Rockstar before they change their company name. Not a lot of people heard of this game, but let me give you short story of it. The human race is close to extinction over the past century and you as Adam, a super soldier, is sent back in time to those events to stop the aliens from killing off the human race.

Since I started recording Let's Plays on my channel I thought I record one of my favorite childhood games of all time. I decided to play it a little just to get the hang of the controls before I actually record it.

When the screen came up, everything was normal including old files my father and I played decades ago. I entered a random name for my save file, it was just spamming letters in it since I wasn't gonna be keeping this save for long. But when I got to the difficulty, easy was unselectable and hero which was basically hard mode was only selectable. I rubbed it off since this was a very old game I managed to keep over the years.

I entered the game and the ship touched down with Adam coming out equipping his pistol. I headed for a truck that was supposed to help with an alien wave that comes out to harvest on the humans in this three house area. As I arrived the truck was gone leaving me defenseless to the aliens. Well since this was Hero mode I thought they removed a few vehicles since only my father had played it on Hero mode.

I walked up to the town and as expected the aliens arrived and they all went after me including the harvester. Luckily there were only three and easy to kill surprisingly enough.

I made my way inside and pulled the lever to lower the bridge. The guy I that was in there for the rpg element of the game immediately asked me, "Where have you been?" I knew this wasn't supposed to be a thing no matter what difficulty it was on. He never said this and as I walked up to him he said the lines he was supposed to say.

This confused me and I decided to turn the game off hoping I can simply blow the cartridge of dust that remained in there. I hooked my recording device and everything getting ready to record. I managed to record the intro showing what happen to the human race and the aliens wiping them and their hungry. When I deleted the save game and entered it again everything went exactly as the same as before except changing my name to Hook and the guy said something different than before. "That long ago?"

I question him through my headset since this was with commentary after all. I left the door and began my long dreadful trek to the next harvester before it spawns. Enemies showed up as usual and managed to go after the harvester before it decided to make a meal out of the towns people. Again still no vehicles around except for the firetrucks, but they were locked until later on. I walked over to the temple where I needed the dynamite from and all the items were there including the machine gun.

I tried to plant the dynamite but the bubble in the bottom screen said, "Can't use it." I knew using this on the rock blocking the way to the guy with the key to the armory where I needed a tank to climb a steep hill to kill the Processor or boss of the area. I knew it was picky on where I needed to place the dynamite at but it never said this before despite having only having three in case you mess up. These weren't dynamite where it could be used as a boss killer or kill a horde of aliens since the switching weapons takes awhile and putting the dynamite down to set it up including the long fuse time for it.

I decided to head to the armory despite not having a key, but for some reason it opened up. I came out with the Panzerkampwagen, yeah great name I know for a tank. Then I heard a sound I dreadfully hate hearing even now, the fuel in the tank is empty just after taking it out of a garage and putting fuel I found in the nearby temple. The fuel wasn't supposed to be empty and health sure didn't dip down to a pint either.

I got a message telling me there's a fire in town nearby and with a empty and fragile tank I had no choice but to run to the firetrucks and hope it doesn't spawn the Stomper (I think that's the name), an enemy that spawns if the harvest has enough humans to feast on and basically jumps on you and 1-hits you or two depending on if you're in a vehicle.

I got to the firetrucks and manage to enter the trucks with full fuel and everything. I rushed over to the buildings and saw one was already destroyed making a mark in my humanity counter. I went towards the closest building and tried to put the fire out and yet the game decided to not want me to do it with a bubble to the bottom of the screen, "Isn't this what you want?"

I spoke back saying, "For the fire to spread? Yeah right."

I pulled the trigger again and then said, "I thought you like fire?"

I stopped right there paused the game and said to myself aloud, "How in the hell did this game know about my love for fire?! I'm glad I'm recording this!"

I was now curious as how and why it's doing this to so I continued to play whatever it's doing to me. Also for any of you are wondering I do love fire passively and not a pyro maniac.

"Hello?" I said and held the fire button on the fire truck.

The bubble with text showed up again, "Is this Randy or his friend David, Hook?"

I spoke again, "How do you know me and my father, Randy?"

No text showed until I pressed the fire button, "Your save files."

Of course the save files had our names on it, "Right, so why are you doing this and actually a better question is HOW are you doing this?!"

I let it talk, "Come to Temple by the fire station."

I did so leaving the burning town to crumble and drove over there. I entered to find Tomegatherion, the main villain and a clone of Adam in the middle of the room. I walked toward him and spoke to him, "You're not going to record this any more." As soon as he said that my recording program crashed and forced me to close it. I tried bringing it up but as soon as it's up it keeps crashing.

"How did you do this, are you some fucking demon?" I asked before the text scrolled by itself.

"You've connected the recording equipment to your computer." It said as I face palmed by the obvious.

"So," I spoke once more. "You can hear me though my head phones? Then why are you doing this despite me saying positive things about you."

Text scrolled over by itself, "I was going easy on you."

"Oh?" I asked questioning his power and at the same time forgetting this wasn't your normal game.

"I had plans over the years of solitude. Hearing you say that though made me re-think and looking over your accounts." I quickly opened up my browser and everything I was logged in was logged out.

"Are you a virus?" I asked slightly panicking as I opened up my virus scanner.

The next text it said made me regret opening that scanner, "Now you've done it.

The level blew up like it does if you destroy a alien Generator in that time period. I was standing there face to face with Tomegatherion mutant alien form with me yet again expose without my ship. The text read, "This is your hell."

Before he attacked me the game crashed and a spark flew from the Nintendo 64 system itself followed by electrical smoke. Turns out the virus scanner that was running caught and contained this thing. I pulled out the game and it was fried, what the hell?!

I went back to my computer to see what it had contained, Soul_Harvester.EXE.

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