There was no doubt that I wanted to play Luigi's Mansion when my older sister gave me her GameCube. I had played it all day and all night on the Saturday that she had given it to me, and she would always watch me play it.

One day, she left for college. Sad, I decided to play Luigi's Mansion to remember her. When I booted it up, I chose the save file that I always used. I was right about to enter King Boo's room, to save Mario, and to get a new mansion. The boss battle felt like it lasted forever, but I managed to win.

When the game was over and they showed you Luigi's new mansion, I got a tent, which is what you receive if you finish the game at the "F" rank. I found this strange, because the screen displayed a "B".

When I pressed the button to continue, there was an "aftermath" scene. Luigi was peering out of the window of his tent, mumbling words that seemed to be "I'm hungry" and "I want Mario". Then Luigi exited the tent and, with a frown, said "No one can hear me when I'm speaking in the night..."

Then the game reset, and everything was normal. I took Luigi's words to mind, and thought about what it meant.

Luigi was saying that, if you're speaking without strength, no one will hear you out. No one will help you. No one will bother to even look at you. I soon realized that Luigi was trying to call out to me to get my sister back.

When she visited, however, the GameCube was dead. When she bought me another one for my birthday, the Luigi's Mansion disc was missing.

I'm afraid to find it.

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