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I love Pokémon. Always have, always will. From the start I collected the plushies, the cards, the figures and once the games came out, I was ecstatic. Yellow, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, you name, I've played it.

Diamond and Pearl were no exception; once the games came out I raced to Chips, money in hand ready to buy the game.

Unfortunately, my excitement was immediately extinguished when an apologetic cashier told me they were already sold out. WHY!? She explained that there had been a massive rush to get the game and they wouldn't be back in stock until next week.

I was literally tearing the hair out of my roots in rage; I ALWAYS purchased games as SOON as they came out! Storming home, I began to think of ways I could get the game without waiting until next week. I'm not a very patient person you see. It was then I thought of James.

James is a good friend of mine and a massive computer/game geek. Not that that's a problem or anything, I could really use a nerdy friend right now. So, I phoned him and asked him about Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, he told me that there's no way he could get me the game unless he downloaded a ROM for me.

That sounded great, I'm a bit addicted to my laptop so having a ROM of my much needed Pokémon game would be perfect! I invited James over and watched him work his magic and eventually, I had a Pokémon Diamond ROM sitting in my laptop just waiting to be used. I thanked James and sat with my laptop on my knee.

I slowly became obsessed with Pokémon Diamond, I named my character 'Dawn' and my rival 'Barry' (I have the most annoying habit of naming the game characters after the anime characters) and within a week, had earned myself 8 Badges and in a matter of days after had owned the Elite Four and got the National Pokédex. My last goal was to capture every single Pokémon in the Pokédex.

Being a hardcore Pokémon fan, I would never cheat to receive Pokémon. Even the event ones, so with day after day of strenuous work, hour after hour of migrating and a hell of a lot of persuading with friends; my Pokédex was near to completing. However, two Pokémon restrained me from my goal...Spoink and Grumpig.

How did I get Spoink again? I whipped out my Diamond & Pearl Guide and discovered that Spoink was a Swarm Pokémon. Of course! Saving at Lucas' house, I switched off my DS and adjusted the time over and over so the Swarm Pokémon kept changing.

Eventually, his younger sister said, 'Route 214! There's a whole bunch of SPOINK there!' And so I set off to Route 214, it didn't take much time to nab myself a Level 22 Male Spoink. Now I simply had to raise it 10 levels and viola! I have myself a complete Pokédex!

I decided to train my Spoink outside Fuego Ironworks. There were some decent levelled Pokémon there and I had been meaning to go there for some Fire Stones. I worked my way through Floatzels, Gastrodons, Shellos and Wingulls and then, I came across a Luxio. Level 29, a formidable opponent for my now Level 27 Spoink. The battle commenced.

'A wild LUXIO appeared!'

'Dawn sent out SPOINK!'

'SPOINK used Zen Headbutt!'

'LUXIO used Thunder Wave!'

Darn it. I used a Paralyze Heal.

'LUXIO used Thunder Wave!'

Grr. I used yet another.

'LUXIO used Thunder Wave!'

Persistent, aren't we?

'LUXIO used Thunder Wave!'

What!? Don't you have any other moves!

'LUXIO used Thunder Wave!'

Surprise, surprise.

And so it went on, Luxio using Thunder Wave and me using Paralyze Heals. One of us had to run out was me. I stared angrily at the screen as my last Paralyze Heal was used and yet again wasted. I wouldn't run away though, I would show this Luxio that I could win, Paralysis or no Paralysis. At least there was a 50% chance of me attacking. I selected Psybeam.

'SPOINK is paralyzed. It can't move!'

Meh, bit of bad luck that's all.

'LUXIO used Thunder Wave. But it failed!'

I selected Zen Headbutt this time.

'SPOINK is paralyzed. It needs to move!'

Change in dialogue? Oh well...

'SPOINK is paralyzed. Heal it quick!'

Sorry game, I clearly don't have anything to heal Spoink with.

'SPOINK is paralyzed. Please, it's in pain!'

Okay, this is getting a little weird. Fine, I'll Run and get you to a Pokémon Centre if that makes you happy.

'Can't escape'

Oh. Lovely.

'SPOINK is paralyzed. Do you even care?'

Okay. Changed dialogued AND questions...this really is getting a little odd.

'SPOINK is paralyzed. It's body is shutting down!'

'SPOINK is paralyzed. It doesn't want to exist!'

'SPOINK is paralyzed. Why won't you do anything!?'

I rapidly tapped the touch pad rid of the messages. No, I was hallucinating. I was a little overly addicted, that's all! I switched Pokémon and sent out my Level 68 Garchomp which quickly defeated the dastardly Luxio. Afterwards, I flew to Eterna City and ran to the Pokémon Centre.

'Welcome to the Pokémon Center, where we will heal your Pokémon back to full health. Would you like me to take your Pokémon?'

No Nurse Joy, I came to admire your outfit.

'Okay, I'll take your Pokémon for a few seconds,'

I watched anxiously as the Pokéballs for placed one by one on the tray and healed. She turned back to me.

'Your Pokémon are now healed,' She bowed 'We hope to see you again!'

I immediately checked my party and was greeted by something shocking. Spoink was still paralyzed! How!? I rushed to the Poké Mart and stocked up on Paralyze Heals. Hurriedly, I opened the menu and tried giving one to Spoink.

'It won't have any effect.'

I tried again.

'It won't have any effect.'

'It won't have any effect...don't you listen!?'

The dialogue had changed again...

'It won't have any effect. Why didn't you listen to me!?

'It won't have any effect. Why didn't you just end it!'

'It won't have any effect. Don't you understand! It can't be cured!'

'It won't have any effect. Why don't you just kill me!?'

I closed down the menu, surely this wasn't real? I opened up the menu again and clicked onto Spoink's Summary. Everything was normal except...

The sprite. It looked...saddened. Instead of it's normal bouncing animation, it shuddered violently on the spot and a flash of yellow electric bolts whizzed around it's body like thick rope immobilizing it. My hands grew clammy and I rubbed my eyes, why was my game doing this?

It was then I remembered this wasn't a game. This was a ROM. Not the real game, a fake version on a laptop. Anything could have happened to it; any sick freak could have tweaked something here and there and created this.

I decided to return to the Pokémon Centre; maybe if I tried again Spoink would be healed.

'Welcome to the Pokémon Centre. Oh dear me, your SPOINK looks very sick. Let's take a look now.'

This time, only one Pokéball appeared on the tray and the blinking animation went on longer than usual. When Nurse Joy faced me again, her words put even more fear in my heart,

'I'm afraid your SPOINK didn't make it. It has passed away, I'm very sorry.'

What!? But...but Pokémon didn't DIE! They faint and that's it! They don't just...die, just like that! Terrified, I hurriedly switched off my laptop without saving...and I could have sworn I heard a quiet Spoink cry emitted from the speakers...

Ruby Pokedex entry: Spoink bounces around on its tail. The shock of its bouncing makes its heart pump. As a result, this Pokémon cannot afford to stop bouncing - if it stops, its heart will stop.

HeartGold/SoulSilver Pokedex entry: It bounces around on its tail to keep its heart pumping. It carries a pearl from Clamperl on its head.

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