As a teenager I grew in love with Stubbs The Zombie for the Xbox. Later in life, I found a copy for the game for the PC since I was not bad playing some games other than point and click games on the PC. I did the regular installation for the game and played it to relieve my memories of the game. After I beat the game, I looked for some mods and cheats like the init.txt cheat where it gives you unlimited health and ammo even on the first level. I looked until I found a map file for Stubbs, and I downloaded it just to see what happened.

I put it in C:\Program Files\Aspyr Media, Inc\Stubbs The Zombie - Rebel Without A Pulse\maps and right before I played it, I looked at the name of the file that was named: a0_Stubbs old I thought it was cool to see how Stubbs life was before he died and how he changed into a zombie. I boot the game up and went to the levels menu where it showed Stubbs like in the flashbacks and below it said: Want to know how his life was before he died? I answered with a yes and played it which was a big mistake. It first started out with a flashback saying New York, USA 1931.

It showed how life was during that time of the Great Depression. We then see Stubbs trying to sell merchandise to people, but gets ignored and humiliated for what he is doing. They beat him up sometimes where there was blood on his face, but he wiped it off saying I wish you were me. Then the gameplay started and I thought it was weird when I saw what they did to him. My objective was to go to every door in the neighborhood which just showed the same thing of what the people always did to him.

After all of that, he still gets worse and worse after every house he tries to sell to, but the last few were kind enough to give Stubbs money, so he can leave and go to what in the game is now Punchbowl. I was thinking when the level was going to end? It felt like a DLC or the whole game of Stubbs The Human mushed in this game. I played and he looked like a car wreck. After every house he went through in Punchbowl, he saw Maggie Monday where his live started to get good, but backfired when Otis Monday came into the picture after they were done having sex. (Which was showed).

They put on their clothes and Maggie said what are you going to do to him. Otis said nothing until he gone outside where Stubbs said: Yeah I slept with your daughter, what the fuck are you going to do about it. Otis took out his shotgun and pointed right at his head. Stubbs continued talking saying: Do it, I don’t give a shit about this world anymore. Otis smiled and shot him with blood flowing like a real person actually died.

I went through 4 emotions going through this: pleasure, suspense, oh my god, and what the fuck. Otis buried Stubbs in the same place he was in the game. Then we went to Otis’s life which was killing and lying to his daughter about Stubbs. After 9 months, Andrew was born with the blood on him and Maggie wished Stubbs was here to give him a name. Otis looked and took the baby out of Maggie’s hands and threw it on the ground.

He was readying his shotgun until he pointed and Maggie got in the away. She cursed at him saying this: What the fuck is wrong with you, doing this to my child you sick bastard. After she cursed at Otis, I puked. Also, Maggie’s talking left me in a shocked expression. Otis told her about Stubbs’s death.

She cursed at him even more when she said: What the fuck is wrong with you doing that to my stubby, you asshole. We could have been through a lot of stuff like the birth of Andrew, getting married, and having a wonderful time raising Andrew. She took the shot gun and shot him is the stomach, so she can try to kill him for what he has done. She ran away after that and taking away all of Otis’s money with her. Which lead to the actual first level of Stubbs The Zombie. After what I saw, I closed the game saying what have I gone through.

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