Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo game, isn't it? Have you ever heard the ghost that appears in the game, commonly found on World 4, Level 4? Have you also ever seen it on other levels as well, such as World 8, Level 4? Have you ever discovered something disturbing? Anything? I have, and i'm going to share it with you.

The Smiling GhostEdit

While at my cousin's house, I told them about the ghost in Super Mario 3D Land. One of them thought it was fake, so I said that they should check it out on their 3DS.

They did. We stared at the ghost. But, we saw something...creepy...very creepy...

I saw the ghost smiling. I told them about it, and they went on to see it. They were shocked, including me and my bro. We took a picture, from my phone* and their tablet. I went home to edit the picture. I went to make it clear and sharp, by editing it. This creeped me out when I saw the ghost smile.

I used to have a phone, but not anymore. Want to know what happened to it? Don't ask...

Anything Else...Edit

This ghost is way similar to those mysterious figures called "SkyTrees" in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Just look at it closely. It shares the same.

If you think this is interesting, or have anything to say, leave a comment.

Thanks for reading this!

BTW, is the ghost in other worlds/levels?Edit

Well, since this ghost was apparently mentioned in 2013, people had many thoughts and theories about this ghost. They also claim that this ghost appears in other levels, and it happened to be true. And, to prove it, you may look up the videos on YouTube and see. I tried this out before, so there is no doubt, depending on what comment says. If you are a Nintendo fan, as well as a Mario fan too, then you may be interested in this. Here are some of the interesting comments from these people at YouTube. There is also off-topic ghost stuff here, and one of them, I found it interesting.

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