As you may know, there are many TTS Comedy series'. But what you may not know is that they all have the same characters, Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Radar Overseer Scotty, Microsoft Mary, Bacon, and Microsoft Anna. These characters seem fake, but they are based on real people who are dead.

Sam was a comedian from the 1920's. He told many jokes poking fun at African Americans and Drag Queens. That is why he pokes fun of Mike for talking like a lady. Sam was killed by an offended African American in 1926 when he was shot in the neck.

Mike was Sam's brother. He was a female impersonator for  a nearby speak easy, He was mocked by Sam when he would talk in a false feminine voice. Mike later died in 1930 of alcohol poisoning while trying moonshine that was too strong. 

Scotty was always an annoying person. As a boy, he would always pull practical jokes on his friends. It was his only pass time because he was growing up during the great depression in a family that was constantly fighting. He would spend his weekdays shining shoes for money, at the end of the day, he would spend his earnings at a local restaurant on his favorite dish, baloney sandwiches. That eventually brought on his death, on the night of April 6, 1937, Scotty ate a baloney sandwich from the local eatery, that night, he vomited and passed out. The next morning, he was found dead in a puddle of bloody vomit, for the sandwich gave him food poisoning. In the afterlife, he pulls jokes on Sam, who dislikes him the most.

Mary was a smoker. She smoked up to three packs a day. She had an empty life after her husband died during World War II. To cope with her loss by smoking. She eventually died of Lung Cancer in 1949.

Bacon was a man who used to love bacon. During life, he would eat it every day for breakfast. He did not know it, but he had a heart defect that would increase his risk for a heart attack, and the bacon was not helping the cause. In 1961, during breakfast, he suffered a major heart attack, and died.

Anna was a quiet girl, unlike the others, she wasn15 when she died, she was constantly bullied in school, and was ignored by her parents. She hung herself in 1982 after she was mocked in the locker room because her breasts were smaller than the other girls'.

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