Yes! I have finally bought Terraria! I instantly hopped on to my desktop and double clicked on the Terraria icon. When I got on, I made a new Character named: Terraria Lover, just because, anyways, I did the same thing as usual Terraria people do, cut down trees', go mining, and build a house. Once my house was done, I was waiting for it to become night, after about 2 minutes, it was night, I went out with a: Murderous Copper Shortsword and killed some Zombies, Demon Eyes, and some Slimes. I noticed that one of the Demon Eyes eyes were deformed and it had black dripping from its pupil.

I thought it was just a bug, so I continued on with the game, I saw a message in the chat bar that said: XX@#@XXC34X, I didn't know what it meant, so I searched up what it said, the Google page said: No Results for:


So I added Terraria at the end so the Google search would look like:

"XX@#@XXC34X Terraria"

One page came upon me. I clicked on it, and it said: "XX@#@XXC34X is a coding fail in Terraria that summons" and it ended right there. I typed in many different things for the odd code: XX@#@XXC34X and the only thing that popped up was that webpage.

I decided to try to forget about it, so I went back into Terraria, I went into my world, I came across a message that said: "The Galaxy Haunter has Awoken" I was familiar with the: "Destroyer of Galaxies" by watching Terraria videos and stuff, but I never heard of: "The Galaxy Hunter" I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited for it to spawn, after about 5 minutes, it finally did. It had 250 health, I managed to kill it and it dropped a sword called Excalibur, I searched up what it was on the Terraria Wiki, and it said it was the best sword in the game, so I was pretty excited about this.

I went back onto the web page that said something about the XX@#@XXC34X code glitch, it was updated, it said it would summon the unkillable boss: Galaxy Haunter, but I thought that was just crap, because I have already killed it, but then, when I got back into Terraria, it had said:

"XX@#@XXC34XXX@#@XXC34XXX@#@XXC34XXX@#@XXC34XXX@#@XXC34XXX@#@XXC34X Has been summoned!" in the chatbar, I looked closely and noticed that it was the XX@#@XXC34X code said 7 times.

After about an instant, a boss called ERROR#12 had spawned, it said it had: 0 health, but it was still floating around. It looked like a black figure of a normal Terraria character, just floating there, staring at me, after about 1 minute, in the chatbar it said: <ERROR #12> You do not deserve the Excalibur. I have came back with friends, in the chatbar: it said: ALL BOSSES HAVE BEEN SUMMONED

I think what happened is pretty self explanatory, my game couldn't take it. I instantly pressed the power button on my computer, but I heard my computers speakers say:

"There is no escape"

Every time I pressed it, that's what it said. I finally though of pressing alt+f4, that worked, but when I went back into the world to investigate more and try to get more info on this so I could get help, I spawned in the middle of the Corruption, oddly, there were no eaters, I eventually got out of there and back to where all the bosses were, none of them were there except for the dark figure.

He suspiciously said: "The End" And then he vanished, then a whole bunch of bosses appeared, but a little less than when all the bosses were summoned, I looked for my Excalibur, but it wasn't there, I heard in my speakers:

"Put in the offerings" the dark figure appeared and he gave me Excalibur.

I thought in my head, cool, another Excalibur, so I saw a basket that said "Offerings in here" I put Seeds in there and it said: WRONG I put in Excalibur, and it said "CORRECT" I then saw the bosses create a sphere around me and they said:

"THERE IS NO ESCAPE" over and over.

They crushed me and it had closed my Terraria, when I went back on it it didn't let me play and and an error messaged popped up saying: "Clash of The Unworthy."

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