I finally got a Famicom(The Japanese NES)from a friend with four games. They were Zelda II, Akumanjou Densetsu, Getsu Fuma Den and Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti. I loved the splatterhouse series. So I decide to play that first. The game started normally Rick had the mask and his axe and nothing was amiss. After two levels the mask got tattered in blood, I wasn't part of the game but like a Splatterhouse is it's gory. After beating the game and getting the good ending where the mask goes apeshit.

But then in perfect English the terror mask said, "You have unleashed hell my friend."

I turned the game off because I really didn't care.

I then start up Getsu Fuma Den it acted normally until the first boss appeared instead of the first boss appearing the Terror mask appeared and attached to Fuma transforming him into a demon and the game crashed. I then tried to play Akumanjou Densetsu (Castlevania III) because it was my one of my favorite games. Everything was fine it started to go a little funky like the enemies ran instead of trying to kill Trevor.

It got worse when I was fighting the Cyclops. He was just a skeletal figure with his hammer. I eventually beat the undead Cyclops as I accepted Sypha into my party but it then said Grant has been killed. After a while I started to use Sypha and her Thunder spell but the enemies still ran.

Once I reached the room where death is Death showed up but the Terror Mask was on his face. As I beat the first form the second form instantly killed me making the game crash. I then put in Zelda II it was Glitchy as hell and the Terror Mask killed link and Zelda.

I just then said fuck it and turned it off. I decided to play Halo 4 campaign. As the game started the Terror Mask was shown attaching to Master Chief and killed him. I was now scared for once in my life. It was pretty later so I went to bed. I had a dream where the Terror Mask attached to my face and instantly killed me.

I woke up and saw the Terror Mask on my bed. It was like the one that was released with a copy with the new Splatterhouse.

I decided to put this mask in the closet. I turned around and there it was on my bed. I decided that I would sleep with this mask on my bed. I did and in the morning the mask was on my face. I tried to take it off but it didn't budge. I went to my friends house to tell him about this Terror Mask.

The Terror Mask then make me collapse on the sidewalk. Now bleeding to death some people called 911 and then carried me to the hospital. As they patched me up I told them to get this mask off of me.

They said their is no mask on you.

I was paranoid now.

I was soon put in a mental hospital due to me talking about the Terror Mask. The Terror Mask was always on my face and talking to me having conversations and sometimes mock me. I'd just wish I had never played Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti.


Credited to SpellBladeVortex

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