"Hello my name is Daryl, now I`m quite sure most of you heard of the infamous "Slender Man." So as me and my friends, heard rumors of this "Slender Man", so we wanted to know if the rumors were true or not. Then because of our curiosity, we went to a Woods where we heard, "Slender Man" is there. So me and my friends, Jane, Mike and Fred went to explore the Woods. As we kept exploring, something strange and weird began to happen. We heard Mike, screaming the words "Oh god no." We turned around and Mike was gone, we were all so confused, then we all decided, to go to sleep. Then we heard, Fred screaming on top of his lungs, "No stay away from me no," Then as me and Jane were running, Fred was gone as well, we were wondering what is going on here? Then well we ran almost all the way out of there, something stopped us from continuing, "Slender Man" appeared behind Jane, I was scared and grabbed a shotgun and shot "Slender Man". Daryl"Let`s get the hell out of here!", Jane and I were running to town when suddenly, Jane was grabbed by "Slender Man" Jane screamed, "Stop I won`t want to die tonight",Then "Slender Man" killed Jane. I was to frighten and ran to town nervous and scared, but "Slender Man" follow me, Being the scared guy I was, I used a grenade and blew up "Slender Man". The Police showed up, they saw all the corpses of my dead friends, then they approached me, and said "Sir your under arrest for murdering your friends", Daryl"I swear it was not me it was the "Slender Man". The Police looked at me funny, They then said, " "Slender Man" is not real you were hallucinating and you murdered your friends", they then put me inside their police car, for a crime I did not commit.

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