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Author's note: This is my first pasta, so it might not be too good. The story is almost completely true. The game is called Verge, and you can find it on Newgrounds.

A few days ago, I was on my computer, as usual. I came across this new game on the frontpage of one site. Its picture on the site piqued my interest, so I decided to play it.

The game itself was actually quite fun. It seemed like a simple platformer, but it had a twist. If you died, you didn't just... die. You went to what was literally an "underworld". What I mean by that is, you would go to a part of the level that was entirely upside-down. In this underworld, there were creatures that I assume could kill you for real. You could also go to a stone and go back to the normal level.

What really fazed me was the overall mood of the underworld. The game's visuals would change colors... often it would be to greenish or reddish, but it was always darker. In the audio was another oddity: you could hear what sounded like a room full of people. There were voices in the background that really sounded tormented. I started to become a bit paranoid after hearing these for a while; after all, I frequent this site.

In a few levels, it became necessary to cross the border into the underworld to complete the level. The voices were starting to get annoying, so I turned off the music. I continued playing.

Eventually, I decided to stop for the night, and went to Google. I was thinking about what to do next, but I was cut short when my computer powered off. I thought I accidentally unplugged it, or the outlet was loose, but I still don't know. I turned it on again today without moving the plug much.

Later that night, I was playing some table tennis with my friend. My eyes kind of wander while I play, so soon I noticed the clock on the wall. It was a fairly nice Vegas-themed clock; the numbers were made up with poker chips and playing cards.

If I had only seen it with a passing glance, I would never have noticed. The second hand of the clock only moved forward a second and then back a second. Never having seen it do this, I watched it carefully for about ten seconds, completely fascinated.

The psychological implications of this clock's second-hand started to sink in.

Is time merely an illusion?

The clock ticked forward.

Are we just drifting in endless circles?

The clock ticked back.

Nothing other than the clock was important. It captured my mind.

The world spun on.

The clock ticked forward.

Even now, the clock is occupying my thoughts. I don't know what to do about it; I'm sure it will go away eventually...

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