I had just bought Terraria because of all my friends bugging me to buy it. So, I started up Terraria and clicked on Singleplayer. I created a character, named it "Banana" and created a world. I called the world "Base World" and started the world. The only odd thing was that I had spawned in the corruption, but I didn't think of that much. I wandered out of the Corruption and chopped down some trees. After cutting down around 5 trees, I noticed that my 6th tree wasn't dropping wood. I had chopped it down, and all that was left was a glitched area where the tree was. I didn't think of it much, but that was a horrible mistake. I walked past the glitched area and when I walked past it, I died. But instead of "You were slain" it said "The first of many". I said "WTF" and then tried to respawn. It wouldn't let me respawn for about 3-6 minutes (I don't remember), and then I respawned in hell. I thought this was odd. I had no tools or anything, and then out of the blue the Wall of Flesh spawned. When I hovered my mouse over it, it said "Health: ∞/∞. I died instantly. The same message appeared, but I was able to respawn like normal. The Wall of Flesh was still there, and I died again. When I respawned, I hit the "Esc" button and tried to click 'Save and exit." But, the button wasn't there, I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del, but didn't work. I shut my computer off. Didn't work. I unplugged my computer, and that worked. Finally.

A year later, I tried to start my computer up. Instead of the normal Windows start up screen, I got a blue screen. "What the-" I thought but then remembered what happened before. I unplugged my computer and took it to the local tech place. They had said that my hard drive was corrupted and all files were replaced with one .txt file containing three words: "One step closer."

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