The users of the Creepypasta Wiki, whom I call the "Creepypeople", are not an average group. You may speak to them in several ways, but it is not highly recommended. When you talk to them via Creepypasta Wiki Chat or Private Messages, they may seem generally normal (In their own twisted way of course), however some of them are different. Some of those Creepypeople believe what they write, which is not usually a good thing. A small percent write faithfully, and that percent falls into a new category, the ones that understand and accept what they read.

Do not get me wrong, everything on the Creepypasta Wiki is real, just please choose not to believe. Those people that do begin to believe fall into a trance of darkness, their own personal Hell. Every night, they check under the bed, and make sure all the windows are closed tight. When they see a bald man in a business suit, they nearly jump out of their shoes. Their exterior may seem like that of a normal citizen in the way they present themselves. We do not usually know, that behind the scenes, they slowly grow worse as time pursues them in their crawl toward evil. They jump out of the peace and sanity of their home and into a new dimension.

Possibly the worst mistake a non-Creepyperson could do is to talk about it with them. Never, under any circumstance, tell someone that you've noticed a change in attitude. They may show anger and aggression at you, and threaten violence or even death. Others may write the chat in cryptic messages that have some sinister purpose. Some have even been known as the ones that tried to snap the rope, never get yourself into this situation if you can help it. Try not to believe what you know is the truth, it has taken me long enough just to type while tying this slipknot.

Written by SuckItBleu77
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