Author's note: This is the first pasta i'm hoping on staying on the wiki, my first pasta was a complete failure, 2nd was not too good, 3rd was... eh... but bad, the 4th, i forgot to sign in and i can't be bothered to rewrite it. enjoy.

i woke up shrouded in darkness on what felt like rotting wooden planks, my chest, legs and right arm hurts like hell and i felt so very strange.

"where am i?" i asked myself, waiting for my eyes, well... eye (i had my right eye gouged out a few years ago, so i wear a black eye-patch over it) to get used to the darkness. when it finally did adjust, i appeared to be behind purple curtains, a circular room with curtains for walls and rotting wooden planks for a ceiling and floor. I parted the curtains with my right hand, well, once again, hook (i also got my right hand infected and couldn't be healed, so we amputated it) and found myself in what appeared to be a diner with a lot of security cameras installed. they all came on periodically for a few seconds before being turned off.

Looking around, there were about 10 tables with about 12 chairs on each table, a show stage with 3 shadowy figures standing motionless on the stage, a door to what i assumed to be back stage, a door to the restrooms, and 2 hallways to my right.

"where the fresh hell am i?"

i noticed that the camera facing me was coming on more and more frequently, as if whoever was controlling it was getting somewhat nervous. Just then, i heard glass breaking and footsteps nearby, followed by voices.

"god, this place is creepy, you sure about this?" one voice said

"yes i'm sure, the place has been closed for years, the only threat we have is the sec guard, who never comes out of his bloody office anyway, what a coward!" another said

i tried calling out for help, but nothing came out, the only sounds were the sounds of me running to the opening of my curtains again.

"what the hell was that?"

"shhhhh, whatever it is, we need to be silent, maybe it won't hear us"

"i don't know, didn't you say there was a security guard here? maybe it was him"

"couldn't be, watch the cameras, only one can be on at the time, and that one keeps turning on every now and then"

"damn, so other than him, we aren't alone?"

"'afraid so"

their conversation ended and i pondered the information i had received. there is a security guard in the building with me, so i could probably look for him for assistance, but he might just shoot me. the place has been closed down for years, but if it's closed, why is there a security guard? the 2nd guy seemed to know what happened, but mistook it for something else, so there might be something else alive in the building.

"HEY? HELLO? CAN YOU HEAR ME?" i tried to say, again with no sound, so i gave up. Then this tune got stuck in my head and i began vocalizing it, with positive effects. sound actually came out. Then they talked again.

"what... the... fu...? what is that?"

"probably one of their songs glitching out and being stuck on loop"

"but... this one doesn't sound like theirs at all! it sounds like the song of that one that got cancelled and left to rot"

"how is that possible, hes been turned off for god knows how long! there must be someone else in the building, let's just get to the backstage and loot everything we can, i'm after that money we were promised. let's go!"

right at that moment, i heard fast footsteps and a door closing, then slow footsteps. i stopped singing and parted the curtain to see a large shadowy figure standing in the middle of all the tables, i noticed that one of the shadows disappeared from the stage, and that there were white pinpricks in the middle of the figure's eyes as they seemed to glitch about every now and then. then the room went pitch black, when light returned, it was gone and i stepped down from my little stage room and began to walk into the closest hallway.

just then, i heard screams coming from backstage along with the occasional shouting of "NO", this scared me a lot and i began to run to the through the hallway looking for the security office. i saw it at the end of the hall just as its door closed. i banged on the door a few times and looked through the window to see a sweating and visibly scared guard looking at the door.

i turned around and saw the figure from before at the beginning of the hallway as it mumbled in a strange voice.

"derob mi ymmom" is what i could make out of it before it rushed me. it grabbed me by the throat, but i managed to slice across it's face with my hooked hand and ran back to the little stage where i woke up.

then i heard the same voice

"yxof ees ot em ekat ouy lliw, ymmom" is what i heard before i heard it move again.

parting the curtains, i saw that the figure had gone back to the stage and made a break for the office, the door didn't close so i leaned through to ask for help. he was holding some sort of tablet before he looked up in a terrified way, dropping the tablet and moving so fast that his chair fell backwards. he started clutching his chest before going limp.

i decided to run back to the curtained stage, and upon arrival, i found a note in the middle of the floor. it said

"welcome my friend, i'm sorry i tried to choke you, force of habit. anyway, good work on your first kill, my brother will be coming to collect his body shortly. your role in this all will be explained tomorrow. first things first, welcome to Freddy Fazbear's pizza, you are foxy the pirate fox. one more thing, if you are wondering what i said earlier, just try to say it backwards ;)"

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