The Director

Saferoom Description of the Director. From the I Hate Mountains custom campaign.

"He's watching our every move, waiting for the right moment to screw us over and over. Don't trust him, don't trust the director. He's watching us, screwing us over and over."

If any of you have played Left 4 Dead, or its sequel, you will know what the A.I. Director is. It's a custom A.I. which controls which path the survivors will take, what items will spawn, and where the hordes will come from as well as Tank/Witch placement and how long gauntlet events will last. This is what the Left 4 Dead wiki says about him:

"In Left 4 Dead 2, the Director's humor has become "sicker," because it will spawn Witches and Tanks often, no matter what difficulty you are on. Although their health depends on the difficulty, players may become annoyed when they spot a Witch and Tank at the same time.

If the Director is feeling especially cruel, it may spawn a Tank or Witch (or both when the Director is feeling exceptionally mean) within the safe room the Survivors have to go into. This is far more common on Advanced and Expert to exceptionally well-coordinated teams. Usually during these situations (especially during a gauntlet event such as the fourth part of Dark Carnival), the Survivors take a severe beating and are forced to become victims of the Director's dark sense of humor."

This excerpt can make you believe that the Director is more than just an A.I., with its sense to haunt players with bad deeds. There has been speculation that the Director is the first victim to the infection, and has spread the virus all over the world.

Upon its death, it watches over the known survivors (sort of like a guardian angel) and can create bad events to happen, or good things too. He tends to get angry on the better coordinated survivors, and punishes them for their efforts. He even has a soft side for those doing fairly well or terrible, bringing up first-aid kits or pills when the survivors need it.

This is just a game to the Director. A sick and twisted game in a battle for the survivor's life. It enjoys to see a team of survivors wiped out, that his challenge was too much for the last beings to handle. He grows angry upon their victory, and makes the rescue always fail, but keeps them alive to once again play this game.

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