What you are about to delve into is real, the girl, the boy, but be forewarned, what you are about to read may be happening to you, while you are sitting there reading this, and you won't realize it till it's too late.

It was a cold day, the leaves had all blown off, and the sweet scent of flowers had all but been forgotten, as it was now a crisp and cold winter's day. This lovely girl, Jennifer, decided to take a walk through a park. It seemed to be an ordinary day, the sun was shining down on the fresh snow creating a surreal blanket of white.

Flakes began to fall again, a sight Jennifer had seen many times before in her youth. She had loved playing with her friend Billy, he meant the world to her. One day Billy had gone away, vanished, not a trace left of him. This made Jennifer very upset, to the point of insanity even.

The flakes began falling more rapidly as the earth was prepared to take on a new coat of more and more snow. Almost as if the floor began to be a void. Jennifer didn't like the feeling of endless nothingness that the snow had portrayed on her beloved park. So, she decided to turn around and head home.

The flakes are now falling alarmingly. Jennifer begins to run to avoid the storm, but she finds nothing but a wall. Maybe she had hit a dead end in the park, maybe she'll turn the other way. Stopping for a moment to ponder the wall, it seemed so familiar, like she had seen it a million times before. She had another flashback, of Billy, they used to sit on walls and hold hands under the sun every morning of everyday, till the day he left. The mere memory made her begin to cry. She pushed past the tears and carried on.

Walking became harder to do, as the snow was getting thicker and higher. She kept hearing this sort of voice, she assumed it was someone else in the park, it was nothing to be alarmed about, so she kept going. She hit another wall, except, this one was slightly taller, and more defined. She became confident she had seen walls like this somewhere. Just then an image of Billy had appeared before her, covered in a sort of black shroud, she thought she was going mad. She closed her eyes and told herself it wasn't really, Billy left a long time ago, he can't be there before her. She opened her eyes with hopes that it was him, and prayers that it wasn't. She had another flashback, this time more vivid, as if she were reliving it. Billy and Jennifer were walking down the road one late afternoon, he had looked over at her with a grin and hugged her, and told her he had loved her from the time they first met, and will love her till the time he departs. She of course not knowing at the time what that meant, blushed and buried her face into his chest. She snapped back into reality and kept walking, she went left this time

The flakes, never ceasing, made it almost impossible for Jennifer to walk, but she just wanted to go home, so she trudged through the snow. About this time she saw a dark figure heading her way, it looked like the one of Billy she had seen earlier, panicking, she ran. She ran through all of the snow, feeling like she was in quick sand, getting now where fast. She was creeping up on what seemed to be yet another wall. She thought, "This is odd, why are there three walls in a park?" She sized it up and down, gaining more and more that she had seen these walls, but had somehow forgot they were there. She looked at this one, as it became more and more clear, she had a fourth flashback, feeling even more drawn in to this one as if it were reality. Billy was putting on a coat, a long black one, and a black scarf, made up of wool, so when she hugged him, she felt the wool on her skin, she could feel his hands in hers, his skin on hers, the wool on her bare neck, the smell of his cologne, it became all too real, for some reason she was crying, as she came back to reality, she was uncertain why she was crying, or if what she had just seen was real. yet again the black figure showed up, not thirty yards from her, confused and frightened, she ran the other way, and the snow began to fall away.

The black figure, resembling more and more like Billy, didn't go away this time, instead he began to run towards her, at an alarming speed. She didn't know what to do or expect because all she could see was a haze of white covering vast amounts of the park. She kept going until she saw the fourth, and final wall. Heart racing and desperate, she looked at the wall, hoping to escape reality with another flash back. This time, it hadn't worked, the figure of Billy slowed down, and began to, what she had assumed, was walked towards her, all she could feel was cold, scared and trapped. Had she gone crazy, is this really happening? What is reality and what is fake, maybe this is a day dream, a flashback, an unfortunate nightmare, and she'll wake up, right? Billy took off his shroud and stared into her eyes, there was something definitely off, all she can do was cry.

She looked up towards billy, who was now only twenty feet away, and saw a sinister grin, and a knife out. She began to mumble something, and panicked, she thought she was mad, she thought she had gone off the deep-end, this was all a bad dream, and she'd wake up, this can't be, he can't be. No, never could this happen, she closed her eyes, and allowed herself to slip out of reality again, this time she only saw four walls, blank, white, with nothing but emptiness, no feelings or emotions but emptiness. She was shaken back into reality as the blade pressed cold and stiff on her neck. Billy began talking in a sinister tone, never a word spoken, all she could do was tremble and sob at her fate, he said, "Now now, there is time for tears in the other world." he began cutting into her neck, slowly, to make sure he drew her blood upon entrance, she let out a silenced yelp as the pain was numbed by the cold and terror. He began to cut deeper and pull the knife on her neck, she screamed louder until all you can her was the gargling of her own blood, she closed her eyes and slipped back into the room, feeling nothing, she was in a padded room, all white, same feeling, same emotion, she looked at herself, wrapped up in a straight jacket, screaming she kicked and jumped and banged her head on the walls, the nurses rushed in to sedate her when she broke one arm out, she took one of the nurse's pens that had been in the pocket for her menial desk work, and jabbed it deep in the side of her neck, she flashed back into Billy, and he dragged it farther, she dragged it farther, all anyone can hear was the sound of blood being chocked on. Billy kept going until it reached the other side, all you can see is blood covering the snow, nothing more, nothing less. There Jennifer lay, in the padded room, in her blood, pen dragged from side to side, her blood surrounding her like a veil of crimson. Jennifer has been murdered and killed herself.

Some say her case was particularly special, as she could severe herself from reality on will, which made people and myself question, could all of us be dreaming, could all of us be in a different reality? All events tailored by us, fabricated by us, demented by us? That empty feeling, maybe its a calling to tell you its time for reality, and we just wont leave, we must stay. We all feel a bit of emptiness, we all have fears. Jennifer's fear brought her misfortune to her real self, and imagined herself dying at the hands of a person who never existed. Maybe none of this never happened. Maybe its happening right now, and too all of us. We wont know it, until were too late...

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