I always loved the Pokémon series, whenever there was a new game I’d always buy it. I was really pumped for the new “Black and white 2” game. Having purchased my copy I played it, a lot. Now I’m not so sure… Not after what I’ve seen.

I’ve heard rumours, stories floating around on the internet about a glitch in the new Pokémon games; the glitch was called “The Executioner”. No one knows the origin of the glitch, how it started and how to save you from it.

From what I’ve heard the executioner is a Pokémon Trainer who roams Unova, Looking for your character whatever they may be. The Executioner himself is described as being the male protagonist of Black and White, the one who stopped Team Plasma 2 years ago.

The Executioner wears typically an execution hood over his head, and carries a massive disproportionate bloodied axe that he never uses.

My Roommate has experienced this glitch a few days back and told me about it. The Executioner starts at the very far end of the Unova Region. And you have approximately 3 hours until he gets to you. My roommate tried to run, using his bike, using HM Fly. But where ever he went… The executioner was behind him.

I was skeptical about this, I Had to experience this glitch for myself. I was told by some forum user that there is a 25% chance of the glitch occurring. I never wanted to make a new game so I reluctantly bought a new copy of Black and White 2 and started a new game; I waited 4 hours and no Executioner. My roommate was also with me there.

I still don’t know why I didn’t stop there… I should have… I turned off my DSi and pushed the button turning it back on. I Tapped Pokémon Black and White 2. I then started a new game. 4 and a half hours later… nothing, I Repeated this, by roughly 2 hours and 45 minutes I had gotten a Dewott, A Flaaffy, A Stoutland and a Watchog. After not only 10 minutes I saw something coming towards me.

Up until now I never experience true and utter fear. Everything about the glitch, the rumours, fan art… It was all real, He exists. I panicked and tried to make my character run from it, I cycled into an NPC Pokémon Ranger. Who stared at my character, looked behind him and strangely… she pushed my character over. I tried spamming every button on my DSi, but my character would not move and now I was petrified.

By the time my character got up, IT caught up to me. I couldn’t move now, A text box appeared, it said, “There’s no wear left to run now.”

The screen flickered as now I was locked in a Pokémon battle with IT that Thing. Now I got a good look at the supposed Executioner. He did look exactly like the male character from Black and White, with a black sack over his head, the sack had eye shaped holes cut into it. And he was leaning on a very large bloodied axe double his size.

Another text box appeared and said “I Long so much for the delicious blood of your Pokémon” The battle started. I sent out my Precious Dewott that I had grown to like a lot. IT sent out what appeared to be a Shiny Haxorus named Execution. I was scared

Another box appeared saying “Your move”, I repeatedly tapped the RUN button but every time it said:

“There’s no escape, face me like a man.”

I tapped on the fight button, and selected Water Pulse. The animation played and I attacked the Enemies Haxorus. I gazed to its health bar…

Nothing, It hadn’t taken a single bit of damage, its level was 150, as impossible it was that’s what it said. After saying Dewott used Water Pulse it then said “Nice try”. I used up my turn; I waited for IT to attack. It said Execution used, “Capital Punishment”.

A Cut scene happened; The Haxorus had picked up my Dewott. I could only gaze at the screen as my Dewott was being strangled. The Haxorus dropped my Dewott as it now was desperately gasping for air.

Whilst my Dewott was on the floor, The Executioner had handed his Axe to the Haxorus, now I know what it was for. The Haxorus raised up the Axe up. I couldn’t believe that I had actually screamed No very loudly. The Haxorus brought down the axe onto my Dewott, slicing its head clean off. It was so realistic; blood was now streaming everywhere as the head rolled to the Executioner. He put it into a bag.

A Box appeared saying “Delicious”. The Cut scene ended, and the battle resumed. After that I shut down my DSi and threw it against a wall. I and my Roommate talked about what we saw, we watched TV trying to forget what horror we saw.

A few days, I worked up the courage to pick up and turn on my DSi. When I had it automatically cut back to the fight with The Executioner, a box appeared saying:

“I knew you’d come back.”

I was determined to finish this battle and see what happened. I saw my poor Dewott’s lifeless body on the floor, blood around it. I always was squeamish so I started to feel queasy. It didn’t get better when the Haxorus picked up the body and started devouring it.

A minute passed, and the Haxorus threw down the bones of the Dewott on the floor. I reluctantly sent out my Flaaffy. The same thing happened, I used Thunder and nothing happened, The Haxorus killed my Flaaffy with the massive axe, and again ate the carcass, the head being stored in The Executioner’s bag, now dripping with blood.

This was repeated until it had killed my last Pokémon, The Stoutland. By this point I had actually vomited in a bag, Blood had surrounded the battle field, the blood of my Pokémon. The Enemy Haxorus was covered in the blood of my Pokémon too. All of my Pokémon died, I had worked so, so hard to train them.

The battle ended. I now was confronted by The Executioner. The top screen had a close up image of him, the same kind of image when you talked to N in Black and White and used the XTransceiver with NPCs. The satanic thing spoke, not in text but with actual sound form my DSi.

It said, “You’re weak, you couldn’t defeat me, and you don’t deserve Pokémon.”

I was scared, no Terrified by this, by what was happening. He spoke again, “I will have great fun feeding on what’s left of your Pokémon”.

After that it cut back to the game, and The Executioner walked off. I ran after him but he had disappeared. The game returned back to normal. Except I had no Pokémon and when I looked at my trainer card, my character appeared sad and drenched in blood. Whenever I talked to an NPC they said something along the lines of,  “You’ve met IT haven’t you.”

I tried going to find Juniper, hoping to get a new starter Pokémon. Strangely I could ask her for one, but when I did she said, “I’m sorry, I would but I can’t trust anyone with these Pokémon, Not when that THING still roams Unova”.

After this I saved my game and turned it off, I felt sick. I still play my DSi today and occasionally I play a Pokémon game. I have two copies of Black and White 2. I clearly ladled my find clean and non-infected copy, which I still play and have completed. And in a small box I have the infected copy.

I still keep it and roam the internet for any ways to get my Pokémon back and play the game. Until then I don’t know what to do…

I typed this up to warn you all, Warn any readers of The Executioner.

A 25% chance of getting The Executioner glitch, whether it’s an Emulator of Psychical Copy.

A 25% chance of losing everything you work hard for in 3 hours.

If you do get The Executioner in your game then don’t face it, turn off the game and do not play it, there is no way to defeat the Executioner. I tried an Emulation copy of Black and White 2; I cheated my Pokémon up to level 100 and faced The Executioner again. I lasted longer this time, be able to dodge the “Capital Punishment” move every now and again. But he still killed all of my Pokémon, saying:

“You may have grown in power, but you’re still worthless”

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