The Gasmasker is an unknown mob found in a mysterious version of Terraria on the Xbox. It resembles a possibly undead version of the guide NPC with a mask and a flamethrower.

The Original SightingEdit

"Hello everyone! This is my very first time on these forums. I actually didn't know there was a Terraria fansite out there. But I needed to find one desperately to get some answers. I recently joined the game itself too, around the time Terraria came out for the Xbox console. All my friends said it was pretty cool, so I decided to buy it too. I'm a rather big Minecrafter, but I've become bored with the game due to it's lack of anything interesting. When I started playing Terraria however, I fell in love with it. It had everything an open world game should have. I played for hours, until I defeated the Eye of Cthulhu. Realizing it was practically 1:00 in the morning, I went to bed.

When I woke up, it was Saturday and I had the day off, so I started playing again. I literally played to the point where I got sick, so I merely left the game on and walked upstairs to take a breather. The game was awesome! I got full Shadow (or was it called Demonite?) armor, after defeating the Eater of Worlds. Please note, I also had discovered the Terraria Wiki, so I was learning about everything I could, including the console version. So anyway, I went back to the game about an hour later and found I was back at my house (I must've gotten slain by a Zombie or something). So I backtracked to the area where I died and collected my dropped coins. Plus I wanted the gravestone, to see how I died. But when I viewed the gravestone, I noticed something really strange (please note, I died above ground too).

The gravestone read, "(My character name) burned to death."

I thought this was strange because I don't think there were any pre-hardmode mobs that could burn you. So I simply picked up the gravestone, scouted the area (maybe there was a few Meteor Heads or something?) and went back to my home. I deposited my coins into my trusty piggy bank, and left the game again to read up on what to do next. I came back ten minutes later and began playing again. I decided to go mining and try to find some gold I could use to spawn the King Slime (after finding out I missed him). After beating the King Slime, I saw a peculiar message, reading, "Guide was slain...".

As any person probably would have thought in this situation, the Guide was probably killed by a Slime, since I was fairly close to my house and I simply must've not noticed him. After collecting the King Slime's drops and depositing them into a chest, I left the game because I foolishly forgot what the next boss I had to fight was.

I read up on Skeletron, as well as some good fighting tactics for him, and then I rejoined the game to head to The Dungeon. I made a flat area in front of it's entrance so I could have enough room to fight him, and I made a small house with a bed to spawn at if I died. Once it was night I began fighting Skeletron. I did pretty good, and was almost about to destroy his head, when I saw what I thought was the Guide standing inside The Dungeon's entrance, just behind the door. I paused the game a second to look closer. I stood up from my couch to view the screen, but I accidentally bumped a button on my controller, and Skeletron rammed into me. Desperately trying to find the pause button again while I was about to drop the controller, Skeletron killed me. I quickly mashed the buttons to respawn, and I managed to defeat him (phew!). But when I looked back at The Dungeon again, the Guide-looking figure was gone. Several hours later I was deep in the dungeon, surrounded by Skeletons and those annoying spikey ball-swingy thingies. I found Muramasa in a chest, and since I was content with what I found, I switched to my magic mirror to get out of there.

But right before I was about too, a bright streak of flames came out of nowhere. I switched to Muramasa and swang it violently, to the point where I think I hit whatever was attacking me. I saw the name of the mob right before it killed me (since I think I damaged it) and it said "Gasmasker." Annoyed and frightened, I once more ran to my computer to look at the wiki. I searched "Gasmasker" to see what it was (I actually maybe thought it was like a flame trap or something I activated). Strangely, nothing came up. I returned to my console quickly after hearing a 'FWOOSH'. I saw the figure once more by my spawn point outside The Dungeon. And I also saw the death message for the first time: "(My characyer name) suffered third-degree burns from the Gasmasker."

After that stupid black fade effect when I respawned, he was gone. But I got a better look at him last time. This "Gasmasker" looked very similar to the Guide. The only difference was he was wearing a gas mask, and was holding the Flamethrower weapon. Extremely creeped out. I saved and quit, turned of my system, and got some rest. The Net day, I didn't play Terraria. Instead, I hung out with my friends on chat.

We played another game, but I decided to bring up the Gasmasker to see if any of them had ever encountered that mob. To my surprise, they all answered no. So, I turned to the most reliable way of finding him: the Internet (okay, not the most reliable way, but it was the only chance I had. I scanned all over the wiki again, but still nothing. I did image searches, still nothing (except that gas mask kid from Doctor Who). Then feeling hopeless, I got off. But then I got a text. (because I was on the computer anyway). I got a message from one of my friends. He had sent me a picture of the Gasmasker, along with the words, "I found him :-S". I couldn't find away to get the image off my phone and on to my computer (my phone sucks, it was like 20$), otherwise I would've put it on here to show you guys. But my main question in all this is has anyone every seen this mob? Honestly? And is he on the PC version? I swear I'm not making any of this up. If anyone else has seen him and gotten a good picture of him, please reply. I'm really creeped out."

Wilson ViribusEdit

Later on, a story was found from a log of Wilson Viribus, a boy who apparently found an old copy of Terraria. He wrote his story, and was later found dead with his story in his laptop, which was coated in blood. The original story is found on TerrariaOnline, where a member posted it as a "CreepyMushroom," a play on words for "CreepyPasta." However, these events do check out in history, as a boy named Wilson Viribus was murdered on a hospital bed. This shows that this story may or may not be true. 

The story can be found on the original forums post here:


The story was copied and pasted from the original thread on the Terraria Online forums, created by user "The Anonymous Contributor". It was apparently inspired from a small joke by another user, named QuackersDelta, who apparently saw one, along with his cousin, while playing Terraria. His reports say that it was really an overlapped skin of a Wraith and a Vampire Miner, who are both enemies from Terraria. Recently, the original poster managed to retrieve the true texture from his phone of this villain, who's appearance in the game is still a mystery.

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