It all started when I set out with my friend Cray to search for my sister Elina, who had gone missing whilst on a good-will visit to the city of Synesta in the Eastern Continent.

Suddenly, as we were crossing the desert, a big worm-like creature, rose from the sand and started to, yes, I think it was, attacking our sandflier!

Cray, with his quick thinking swerved out of its way straight into a rock!

Cray expressed his remorse at trashing the vehicle and begged my forgiveness.

I am an easy going girl so I forgave him, he was, after all, helping me find my sister!

I decided to head towards a nearby town called Sarai in hopes of finding someone who could help us out!

I was walking along when I felt the sand shifting rapidly under my feet and I found I had suddenly fell down a slope. I picked myself up and noticed I was in the middle of a crater. I heard a screech from behind me, upon turning around to see what was making that noise, I noticed an ostrich-like bird trying to escape.

It was then that I suddenly felt uneasy presence behind me. I turned around and what I saw or rather, didn't see at first stunned me to the core. I found myself transfixed on an area, and as I kept looking, something started to fade into existence! It looked like a lizard but was brown with various markings on it. Suddenly, its back ripped open in two lines, exposing the flesh under. Then two wings sprouted up and it started to slowly fly up whilst meeting my eyes.

After it disappeared, I turned around and noticed a naked boy lying next to a caravan. The boy's name, was Ryu.

He explained how me had no idea how he got there or even how he had no clothes!

Since that point, my life changed drastically!

We went to Sarai to find help and luck was on my side, we were able to find some sandflier parts!

We proceeded to a town called Chamba. What I saw when we arrived was horrifying. Aside from a few buildings, all I could see was rot and decay around the biggest part of the town for miles. The few people who were there explained this was caused by a 'Hex'. They explained that a Hex is produced by torturing a victim a lot in the most painfully brutal ways I couldn't even imagine! Then using them as a sacrifice in a gun called the Carronade, a Hex is fired towards a target and the impacted area starts to decay over time.

That's not all though, it is said that there are monsters within the area. Either way, we needed to pass through the Hex to get back to the sandflier as the crater was too dangerous. We found assistance from someone, or rather, something called Ershin. I won't go into about Ershin but basically, he is willing to guide us through the Hex. We entered the Hexed area and I suddenly felt a chill down my spine as well as a overwhelming sense of dread. As I looked around, all I saw was the buildings in a state of disrepair as well as perpetual darkness.

I then heard a roaring sound coming from one of the buildings, I saw something out of the corner of my eye, like a monster or something, I wasn't even sure, but we pressed on through. We were nearing the other side of town when I heard a groaning sound from behind me.

I turned around and saw a man walking clutching his stomach. We asked what the matter was and responded by saying he had been wondering around for days avoiding the monsters, trying to find people to help him. He regurgitated a little bit of what looked like a black fluid and started coughing a lot. He suddenly dropped to the floor doubled over in pain, then all I could see was what can only be described as his rib cage sort of expanding outwards, or rather, straightening themselves out. Followed by his coxic expanding out, like a tail, his arms and legs crumbling away and his flesh soon rotted away and what was left has continued haunting me. In front of me hovering, as if it was swimming, was a monster that looked like a skeleton fish with a human skull. We scurried out of town as fast as we could and got back to the sandflier.

I told Cray about our ordeal and showed him the sandflier parts, however, it was beyond repair. We all agreed on stopping for the night.

That night, I had a dream.

We just emerged from some water and Cray mentioned that this place is where they were holding Elina.

Then I said that I saw this in Ryu's dream.

We then continued around some building then we came across a room with a huge curtain. There were two people talking. They were saying something along the lines of, 'Is the sacrifice ready?' and such.

Cray decided it would be a good idea to sneak past behind the curtain, so we did, just as we got to the end, I woke up.

I told Cray about the dream and he said he had the same dream, so did Ryu.

After this we set out some more. We went from town to city asking around for any clue as to my sister's whereabouts.

After snooping around in Synester, the place of sister's disappearance, we decided to hitch a ride to Astana, just over to the Western Continent after a tip-off that Elina was headed there. We arrived at Astana and I was greeted by a big enormous gun pointed straight outwards. In fact, most of the town was taken up by the gun. I asked around and found out that this gun is in fact, the Hex firing Carronade! We were told of a nearby aqueduct from an anonymous tip-off and to check it out. We did and we dived in, we emerged from the water to a familiar looking place, the events of Ryu's dream take place here, until we walk behind the curtain. We reached the other side apparently unseen but suddenly, one of the men we heard talking blocked us off and had us arrested for breaking and entering.

After much appealing , seeing how I was a princess after all, we were sent back to the Eastern Continent.

We decided to find another way back to the Western Continent to continue our search. For the most part it was uneventful apart from an incidence involving a mudslide at a dam and discovering that the worm that attacked us in the desert was actually a dragon, and that Ryu is actually a god of sorts. I'm wasn't entirely sure what this meant, but I was certain to find out.

I found out a lot about gods and dragons, and Ryu eventually went berserk when some officer from the Western Continent decided that torturing and slaughtering a bunch of children from the town of Chek was a good idea. After Ryu killed him, we 'persuaded' another officer by the name of Ursula to help us out as surely, she would know something.

Sure enough, in time, we would be heading straight back to the Western Continent. It must have taken us a good 3 months before were strolling right into Astana again. This time in search of Ursula's superior who would be able to give us some information. We were told he was in a house on top of the hill nearby, the only way to access it was via walking through the Carronade itself!

We reached the top of the hill and there, a house stood, it was only a small house and looked quite charming. I knocked on the door, there was no answer. I knocked again, no reply, Cray thought it'd be a good idea to punch the door, surprisingly, it flew open rather easily when he did. Ursula called out the officer's name, but no answer was heard. I suddenly couldn't help but feel like we were being watched. It was then that Cray shouted to us to look at something. What I saw chilled me. It was the same curtain were caught walking behind half a year ago.

We decided to investigate again and we came to a dank looking corridor. We followed it around and there was an elevator at the end with a man slumped over. He was clad in armour, from the army. He said that there was something down there, but he wouldn't say what, he warned us not to go down. After that encounter back in Chamba, I was sure nothing would be more disturbing, I was wrong, very wrong.

After descending the elevator, a putrid stench hit my nose. It smelled like decay but, the place was made of metal. It was then that I stepped in something which made a splash. I looked down I noticed it was just water. As we went further into building, the stench actually seemed to disappear, however, the atmosphere seemed to get more unsettling by the minute. Eventually we came to a door way. I fumbled for a light switch but could not find one. However, after that, I noticed the room wasn't as dark as I thought. We took a few steps and I felt something else at my feet. I looked down and saw what looked like thick water with red in it, like blood, but not quite as red. Ursula called my name, and when I looked at her, she was frozen on the spot, with a look of pure disgust and horror on her face.

When I looked at what she was facing, I nearly passed out. In front of me was what appeared to be a huge rib cage of sorts with a huge spinal column too! The spine actually proceeded further down under the floor. In the rib cage was a mass of over sized organs, like a human's but bigger in scale, there was a heart, lungs and intestines. And they sat there, pulsating as if they were alive. I looked closer and noticed there seemed to have been a pathway formed by the structure by ligaments and sinue. We climbed up the rope-like sinue slipping on the liquid that was around. We came to what looked like a vein or artery, but bigger, and Ryu tried to cut through with his knife as it blocked our path. As he did, I heard my name being called out behind me. I asked if anyone else heard it, they never. I turned around and saw Elina, standing right in front of me. She told me that in order to get through that I needed to find a man called Yuna and get a sword called the Dragon Slayer from him.

After telling Cray what happened, we hurried out of the building and set out to find Yuna.

We arrived at Kwanzo where Yuna was said to be. We saw the same man who had us arrested for snooping, Ursula went to him and introduced us and we found out he is Yuna. After a bit of a jostle, we managed to get the Dragon Slayer.

We went back to the house, upon entering it again, however, the place had a really forboding feel to it and there was a stronger stench of decay than last time. And I was sure I spotted monsters, or something from the corner of my eye. It felt like being back at Chamba. We ended up breaking into a sprint as we made our way back to mass of organs. As Ryu slashed at the vein with this special sword, it sliced apart, however, when it did a loud groan was heard and the organs shuck, like a mini earthquake. We reached the top and emerged into an opening.

All we could see was a house, and Yuna was there to greet us! He said Elina was not here and to turn back the way we came. Cray lunged at him and he dodged out of the way and descended the structure, away from us. We went into the house, unsure what we'd find, but hoping it was my sister. As we entered the house, I was hit with a blinding light, after my eyes adjusted, I saw my sister, lying in a bed. We happily reconciled, but, rather than climb out of bed to come with us, she asked us to leave the room, apart from Cray. She also asked Ryu to leave the sword behind. We left the house.

As I stood outside, Ursula began to tell us about Yuna and what he had done in the past. What she told me, made me wish we had killed him slowly when we had the chance.

She told me that he liked to perform experiments. Only these are not your average experiments, suffice to say it was Yuna who created the Carronade. Ursula explained how Yuna tried to summon a god but it went wrong, one half was born years before the second, we found that the second half was Ryu.

But that is not the disturbing facts.

He attempted to summon a different god but the only thing to appear was a head, severed and continuously screaming. Now gods can't die so Yuna was stuck with this screaming head and decided to experiment with it. He decided he would crush this head and turn it into a sword, a sword he would call the Dragon Slayer. The Dragon Slayer is the only weapon capable of killing a god. The reason being is that the sword is alive and you can actually fatally wound yourself with it if you are not careful, as the sword has a mind of its own, a twisted mind, tormented by continuous pain inflicted upon by Yuna and his botched summoning.

After trying to prepare sacrifices for the Carronade, he grew tired of countless deaths of sacrifices before they were ready due to the magnitude of torturing they received. So he decided on experimenting with gods again. Ursula then told me that he planned to create a god which he could use as the perfect sacrifice, as the god would be able to survive, all forms of torture inflicted upon it and still live. This was before the cease-fire between the Western and Eastern Continents.

That's all Ursula said when we all felt a rumble under our feet and a long groan was heard, similar to the one we heard when Ryu cut the vein blocking our path. About a minute after that happened, Cray emerged from the doorway of the little house looking like he was about to cry.

I knew at the point, I would never see my sister again.

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