Looney Tunes. We all love them, right? Harmless wacky cartoon volience for the whole family to enjoy, Like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky the Pig. Absolutely brillient, harmless warner bros products..... However, what if there's something, dark we didn't realise about them. What if there's, a darkness within the harmless world of Looney Tunes.... A twilight zone hiding behind the faces we all loved? Then that, would be Grim Tunes. This Pasta series is deadicated to reveil the darkness of our happy world of toons, our own childhoods, the dark, dispicable reality that is......


Episode Eight: The Mouse who ruins reputations.Edit

We now look at Speedy the mouse from mexico. He is a revered hero to mice cause he stands up to the tyranty of cats (and Daffy Duck on one rare occation) and Humans who assuiate with them. He seems like an all around good guy....

And, typically, he is. The cats are no saints to be honest, and we'll talk about Daffy in due time. However, you noticed that most of the time, he combats Sylvester. Since we established that Sylvester junior became afraid of mice, it's most likely Sylvester Sr. Outside of the baby kangeroo, Speedy played some part in ruining Sylvester sr's good name, even dispite for the good of mice, he is the ruiner of reputation, and in hindsight, he does not even realise it. He assumed Sylvester Sr was just another cat out to harm his people and was ensuring he doesn't harm them.

He is the prime exsample of ignorence and unawarence, and the fact he sometimes steals for his people, which is sadly unfavorable in the eyes of devines. However, Bugs does seem to favor him abit, cause aside of Speedy's skew morals, he does seem somewhat fond of Speedy, which is why he was dragged into the alternate reality as well outside of being a thief.

Speedy eventally began to become a kiss-up to Bugs Bunny, (evident that he always desires him alot in the Looney Tune Show, of which we'll get too in good time.) idoling him like a demi-god, perhaps indicating there's more then meets the eye of everyone's faverite rabbit?

Stay tune for a future episode when more innocent cartoons' dark, heinous secrets are revealed.

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