Looney Tunes. We all love them, right? Harmless wacky cartoon volience for the whole family to enjoy, Like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Porky the Pig. Absolutely brillient, harmless warner bros products..... However, what if there's something, dark we didn't realise about them. What if there's, a darkness within the harmless world of Looney Tunes.... A twilight zone hiding behind the faces we all loved? Then that, would be Grim Tunes. This Pasta series is deadicated to reveil the darkness of our happy world of toons, our own childhoods, the dark, dispicable reality that is......

The Grim Tunes TheoriesEdit

Episode Seven: He came from the hidden base of Mars.

We now look at everyone's faverite unassuming Martian, Marvin. Marvin, dispite the name, is argueably a great threat cause of his desire to destroy earth for often the most redicilous reasons, like it obsructs his view of Venus. But what if there's more to Marvin then meets the space eye? What secrets hide under his strangely trojon like helmet?

Well, Let's just say, Mars is more alived then what NASA wants to believe. What anyone wants to believe. Inside a hidden, highly advanced base, is a Martian Kingdom on the verge of extintion. A terrible alien disease is destroying their lives. The only one ammuned is Marvin, of unit 54321#TEN, The sciecne unit. He has been working on a cure for seven life cycles (that's years in our terms) and has been growing desperate.

Mars was once a planet of lush, jungle beauty, no different then most jungles of earth. Over-construction on their planet freed the virus into their world. eventally, Mars became a seemingly dead, desert planet, with the surviving Martains forced to retreat underground. Marvin is viewed as his race's only hope of surviveal. Marvin is made to come to the conclusion that within the earth's crust, is the cure. He has mentally lost it when he claims destroying that very planet will make the cureable core more of use.

He was viewed as a plantery terrorest and a madman, was mocked by his unit and goverment, eventally leading him into exsile. Still blindly determin to help mars even when rejected, he began his persuits, and thus, labeled him as one of Bugs Bunny's most repeatingly stopped foes. (The Duck Dudgers thing is uncanon and alternate universe to this pasta.)

Eventally, Marvin fell victim to Bug's plans for a universe and world where he can keep him and other sinners in check. Marvin, in a sad sense, had failed his mission, cause he dealt with forces his sciencetific mind wasn't able to understand or comprehand. It all started cause he soughted to make Earth's moon his new base when Bugs just happened to be dragged into it by Nasa for certain reasons of science. Marvin was doomed to become a failure ever since that first encounter.

Stay tune for a future episode when more innocent cartoons' dark, heinous secrets are revealed.

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