Looney Tunes. We all love them, right? Harmless wacky cartoon volience for the whole family to enjoy, Like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Proky Pig. Absolutely brillient, harmless warner bros products..... However, what if there's something, dark we didn't realise about them. What if there's, a darkness within the harmless world of Looney Tunes.... A twilight zone hiding behind the faces we all loved? Then that, would be Grim Tunes. This Pasta series is deadicated to reveil the darkness of our happy world of toons, our own childhoods, the dark, dispicable reality that is......


Episode Six: Exspeariment Tazmainia.Edit

Now, we move into the most zany of the Loony Tune villains: The Tazmainia Devil. The wild, crazy beast with the stomich like a blackhole, and is a tornado with teeth?

Wanna know something VERY wild with HIM? Hey, if you stand learning shocking secrets of the past episodes, this wouldn't be an issue.

Firstly, you know'd that Taz does things REAL Tazmainian Devils do not do, and that he's even more espeically imfamous then normal spieces standerds. That's because, he's an abomination of science and nature.

Deep in a secret part of Austrila, there was a science lab that exspeariments on Tazmainian Devils.

They were trying to create the perfect war beast in the event Austrila gets into a war with ANYONE.

That way, nothing would've inspired more fear then tornado tazmainian devils, and boxing athletic ninja kangeroos. However, something went wrong. Taz, apawn creation as the perfect form, escaped containment, and slaughtered everything, even failed exspeariments.

He became the scourge of Austrila, and a fairly dangerious enemy of Bugs, (and in a rare case, Daffy), but he was never the one to cogure the rabbit in the bare slightest. Now, Bugs has the disire to tame the beast in a perfect reality that containts them all.

Taz was a creation of abominable human exspearimentation, then became a king of nightmares, then a fairly commen enemy, then briefly a ruler of his own island and sentient family, then finally, among many playthings of Bugs Bunny's controlled alternate realitys.

Stay tune for a future episode when more innosent cartoons' dark, heinious secrets are reveiled.

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