Scout with pyro mask

Scout with a glitched pyro mask.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon. I had just finished mapping for one of my TF2 projects. Instead of testing it though, I put it aside so that some of my friends could test it with me. I loaded up TF2 and started up a quickplay search for CTF. In just a few seconds I was in.

The map was ctf_sawmill. But something was wrong. Nobody was here. There were no signs of life anywhere. Using this as an advantage to get a few scout achievements, I spawned onto blue team and captured the Intel a few times. It was nice and all not having any challenge, but it was just, weird.

On my third capture, I decided to go behind the waterfall, thinking it would be faster. As I was walking out of the room and towards the waterfall area, I realized it was blocked off. Okay, I thought to myself.

I didn't notice this before. But what really struck me was that I was hearing really heavy breathing. Not your normal creepy breathing, it was raspy and sounded like it was coming from a mask.

I looked behind me, towards the road. But a fence was there, blocking that path. "Hmm." I thought to myself.

"I'm pretty sure that wasn't there before."

I tried to go back into the Intel room, but it looked as if it caved in. I was starting to get creeped out.

The breathing got heavier. As I walked out of the Intel room, I noticed what appeared to be a jet black figure standing behind the sewer grate. Thinking it was just my imagination, I walked closer. I noticed it was a fairly large figure. The breathing got even louder. Now, in most horror situations, you KNOW you aren't supposed to walk towards creepy as hell things, but I dismissed it. It was only a game, right?

Only a game.

I was only a few feet away. I could see a slight glare from what appeared to be glasses inside the sewer. I got all the way up to the grate, and it felt like the breathing was right in front of me. I felt that I had enough of this, and turned around. Suddenly, I couldn't move.

My weapons and HUD seemed to disappear. The screen was shaking. I was forcibly turned to the right, looking directly into the sewer. I saw the hand of a heavy, but then a light shone above them, and what I saw was the most horrifying thing I have ever seen in TF2.

I can't really describe it, but I managed to grab this screenshot before I was killed and disconnected from the server

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