The last Audino paused in it's foraging for scraps in the dark alley. It hadn't slept for many weeks, and it was starving from the long run from the countryside into a place where nobody would look for it. It's haunted eyes told the story of where the others of it's kind went... Taken. Murdered.

Harvested for what the humans called Experience. Every time it blinked, it remembered the sounds of Trainers engaging it's nesting grounds, slaughtering both old and young alike. One day, it hoped, one day the tables would be turned.

The sound of a garbage can being knocked down snapped the last Audino out of it's reverie, as it tossed itself on the ground, looking for whatever caused the can to be knocked over.

It slowly approached the can, cautiously, on all four legs. Once it got to the can, it peered inside. The contents weren't that appetizing, but it ate them anyway.

Then footsteps. Coming closer. And closer. The Audino curled up into a ball inside the garbage can, hoping that the humans would just pass it by. No such luck, as the garbage can was suddenly lifted up and slammed upside down, giving the Audino a small concussion.

Laughter sounded from outside, as the group of adolescent boys picked up sticks and began hammering on the metal can, with the reverberations driving the Audino insane inside the garbage can. Finally it couldn't take it any more, and tossed the can off with all it's remaining strength. The can hit the head of one of the boys, sending him sprawling on the ground. The rest of the gang ran off, not even bothering to retrieve their fallen comrade.

The Audino slowly approached the human, who was trying to crawl away. The Audino picked up the knife that had fallen from the boy's belt, and approached the teenager. The kid was almost at the access door to their hideout when everything went black.

The Audino looked at what it had done. All traces of sanity were gone. Taking the knife, it began cutting strips of flesh off of the boy's body, for lat-

What was this red spot? No matter how hard it tried to get it off, it wouldn't be removed. Thinking back, it remembered some of the raiders pointing beams of red light at it's fellow broodmates, which resulted in holes suddenly appearing in their bodi- oh no.

The discharge of the sniper rifle was perfectly timed with the sound of a rear-end collision in the street. The Audino's body was torn apart by the .50 BMG round intersecting with the middle of it's chest, disintegrating the torso and sending the upper half of the body flying all the way down the alley. When the Audino landed, due to it's Regenerator ability, it was able to keep itself alive even after the extreme trauma it had just suffered. Perhaps it could die from bleeding out? Not the most noblest of ways to go, but better tha-

The boot of some random thug came down hard on the Audino's skull, crushing it. With an act of extreme brutality, the last Audino died.

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